GLOBAL POWER CO., LTD. is the registered English name for Tailift factory at Qingdao,China, which manufacturing and selling forklift under the "Tailift "brand in domestic China, and "CT Power" brand for export.

GLOBAL POWER CO., LTD. is a subsidiary of the Tailift Group originated from Taiwan. The Tailift Group was established in 1973 and has been producing material handling equipment since 1987. In 2015, Tailift Group enters in Toyota Industris Group, the ranking No.1 forklift manufacturer in the world.

All GLOBAL POWER forklifts go through multiple stringent QC processes prior to shipping using Toyota Industries group quality and manufacturing experience, we continuously make improvements and further bring higher efficiency and quality.

The CT POWER brand currently has the following product range, with more in development:

  • 1.5~10T Diesel forklifts

  • 1.5~5T Gasoline forklifts

  • 1.5~3.5T Electric counterbalance forklifts (Options:Lithium-ion battery)

  • 1.5~2.0T Electrical Pallet trucks

  • 1.0~2.0T Electrical Stackers

  • 1.2~2.0T Electric Reach Truck

  • 3.0~5.0T Tow Tractor

Under the new joint venture, many exciting improvements are happening in GLOBAL POWER. GLOBAL POWER welcomes you to continuously check back.

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