To Know Us

Microlift Electric Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative and ambitious player in the Material Handling Industry. Based in Hangzhou, a city as idyllic as an ink painting but no less competitive and international than Shanghai.

Bolstered by our comprehensive factory network, R&D team and the trust of our clients, we've grown to Material Handling Equipments influentials. We've gained not only experience, patents, but also confidence, recognition and resolution to become better.

To Innovate and Create With Us

The I-TOUCH Products Series are emblematic of our wisdom, passion for innovation and prospects for the industry 4.0.

The unprecedented I-TOUCH Handle brings you the up-to-date IOT experience and would subvert the tradition.

The Electric/Manual Convertible Motor kills the downtime.

Apart from that, as Li-ion technology professionals, we have a sense of mission to never stop exploring the li-ion technology and its application.