Hangcha Group Co., Ltd., the global No. 8 in Industrial Trucks and Services, enjoys more than 64 years of history. It was listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange (A share) on December, 2016, stock code 603298, with registered capital of 866 million Yuan (USD 120 million). Now, Hangcha is the No. 1 forklift manufacturer and exporter in China with a sales volume accounting for more than 7% in the world in terms of industrial vehicles.

Hangcha offers:
Hangcha Group offers a complete fleet of material handling equipment, from 1-48t internal combustion forklift, 0.75-18t electric counterbalance forklift truck, AGV (automatic guided vehicles), rough terrain forklift, warehouse equipment, side loader, tractor, stacker to special forklift for container, container front crane, empty container stacker, telescopic arm forklift, climbing truck and more, which in total are more than 10 thousand specifications.

Hangcha is:
The Global No. 8 in Industrial Trucks and Services
No. 1 forklift manufacturer and exporter in China

Hangcha has:
  • 64 years history
  • 23% domestic market share and 8% global market share
  • 80 sales and service subsidiaries
  • 200 thousand units capacity per year
  • 6000 "supermarkt" of industiral trucks
  • 1,060,000 m2 intelligent manufacturing space

Hanghcha will:
Keep leading the forklift technology and make material handling easier!
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